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Konsport offers fences, palisade fences, panel fences and very popular shutter fences. The offer also includes modern XPS modular fences, fences made of tin coffers, and even an innovative line of fences stylized with the use of pine and walnut wood patterns. Browse through the available materials and find your perfect fence.

Katalog Konsport

The latest catalog of fences Konsport is almost 200 pages of inspiration, information and photos. In our catalog you will find: What models do we offer, You will see the most interesting fencing arrangements, You will discover the range of the best accessories and additions to fences, You will learn how our fences are made

P82 fence family

Learn about the most popular Konsport fencing models. The P82 fencing family has been appreciated by consumers for years. The popularity of the model results from the simplicity of the design and the universal use in modern and traditional buildings. Discover all variants, including MIX, P102 and the innovative line of stylized fences with a pattern imitating pine wood and dark walnut wood.

Shutter fencing PS004
A family of rail fences

Meet the popular Konsport rail fence model - PS004. The popularity of the model is due to the innovative arrangement of the filling, resembling window blinds. PS004 belongs to the Konsport rail fence family, which includes the very classic and universal PS001 / PS002 / PS003 rail fences models.


The PB155 fence stands out from other Konsport products with an interesting filling. The wide sheet metal coffers (each 155 mm high) are separated by small clearances (15 mm). In this way, the effect of an almost full, monolithic surface was obtained.

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