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Konsport Catalog

The latest catalog of fences Konsport is almost 200 pages of inspiration, information and photos.

Where to buy

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About Us

In the Konsport fencing offer you will find a whole range of modern metal fences. Fencing systems work well both in the arrangements of traditional housing construction and in modern architectural concepts. Konsport fences are also suitable for unconventional public space designs. The offer includes over 25 designs of metal fences. All fences have a complete system consisting of self-supporting or swing gates, wickets and spans. From simple, light palisade fences to modern solutions using XPS or decorations with a wood-based effect.


Durability for many years

Our technological process allows for the production of metal fences based on the ISO 9001 standard confirmed by a certificate. As a result, all welding standards are maintained for the durability of metal fencing structures. Similarly, the painting process, certified by ISO 12944, guarantees many years of resistance to corrosion and the harmful effects of weather conditions. Due to the constantly improved fencing production process, Konsport is present on the markets of Central Europe with a sales network located in Poland, Hungary and selected countries. Only in Poland, sales are carried out by over 60 authorized points of sale.